Why Malda and Cologne responses expose liberals

Just list out what happened at Malda on 3rd January and Cologne on New Year Eve (NYE) and the response of the liberals and authorities in power, and a very uncomfortable truth emerges.

In Cologne young women and girls were surrounded by large groups of Arab and North African origin man, who tried to molest, rape and rob them. Over 500 such incidents took place.
In Malda a mob of lakhs of muslims took out a huge procession and some from  the mob burnt a police station, large number of vehicle, incriminating record,  damaging homes of Hindu minority, intimidating the whole surrounding area.

Now see the response of ruling authorities and the main stream media (MSM).

BBC reports – “When the Cologne police chief said that many of the young men who had been outside the train station that night had been of North African or Middle Eastern origin, politicians and officials were quick to say they were not drawn from the migrants who in recent months had sought asylum in Germany.

It took the better part of a week to acknowledge that asylum seekers were among the suspects ( in fact most of them ).

The police certainly knew the reality of who had been on the streets. On the night some young men had shown police their asylum documents.

An internal police report describes a man telling the police: “I am Syrian. You have to treat me kindly. Mrs Merkel invited me”.

In view of emerging evidences, the German justice minister ( had to say he ) believes it ( Cologne riot ) was organized

BBC further reports – “The German public-service broadcaster ZDF did not mention the incidents in Cologne in its broadcast until last Tuesday, four days after the attacks.

The broadcaster has now admitted it was a “clear misjudgement” and says that since then, it has been “over-whelmed with hate and anger”.

In parts of social media the idea of a “lying press” has taken root.” ( emphasis are mine )

Malda looks like carbon copy of Cologne both  for  the political response of the ruling party and the MSM.
In unison both responded  – Malda was small local affair, it was nor communal, it does not deserve national attention.
It is also as black as carbon because of the jaundiced justification      – let us hide / under play any abhorrent act of the so called minority ( which is by the may majority -52% – of Malda and 90% of Kaliachuk ).

Our national emblem  may be Satye Mave Jayate but MSM and TMC tried to gloss over the Satya that Malda is Opium Afganistan of Bengal.

“”It is true that the region is an epicenter of illegal drug trade and a counterfeit currency racket because of its strategic location along the international border,” West Bengal director general of police, Intelligence Branch, Raj Kanojia told Mail Today
So the bye product of Malda rampage is to destroy all the evidences and record of  illegal drug trade and a counterfeit currency racket at Kaliachuk Police Station.
How convenient to TMC nurturing it’s vote bank.

Why did the liberals and MSM responded the way they responded ? After all they are well accomplished, well informed and erudite people. The answer is simple. Liberals intrinsically came to conclusion that political correctness scores over truth. It is more important to side with suffering refuges and minorities then to protect helpless German women and Rule of Law in Bengal.

So to conclude one finds exactly similar responses by liberals on Cologne and Malda rampages – Nothing happened, something small happened , was a small local affair, it was nor communal, it does not deserve national attention, media need not report over 500 molestation in one evening in say 2 sq kilometers and  a rampaging communal crowed of lakhs of people indulging in burning, arson, intimidation and evidence destruction.

Udai Singh
Nasik, India
+91 9373906034

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Export Indian Election Services

In today’s world in too many countries election results are disputed, recounts are held, confusion reigns, process of putting representative government in saddle is delayed, often for very long.

Confusion around Afgan election is fresh in our memory ,in Pakistan very legitimacy of the government in power is being questioned. Questions are being asked in relation to elections in Malawi, Indonesia, Zimbabwe, Nepal, El-Salvador, Cambodia, not to talk of Bush – Al Gore election dragged on to door steps of the Federal Supreme Court.

India has, over its long democratic life  and  after a very tumultuous journey ( thanks partly to Mr T N Seshan )  nearly perfected the art and science of holding largly fair and free elections.

What are the strengths of our election process.
-It covers the largest electorate in world.
– It is held in extremely varied geographical conditions:- Desert, snow, coast, hinterland, forest, plains, highlands, lowlands, , area with no power supply,  huge urban centers, sparsely populated places, flood, draught etc

-It also caters to extremely varied voter composition:-  Educated, illiterate, young, old, linguistic diversity, poor, rich, , area in unrest, civil disturbances,
– It is perhaps most economical election per vote casted
-It is virtually paper less vote casting
– Easy to count and recount multiple times

We have faced possibly all the difficulties that may arise in an election process

In view of the fact that we have achieved excellence in this field and that in many parts of the world election processes are in poorer shape than India, we must market our election prowess.

Even US election process is below  par with India, they still use paper ( and agonize over hanging chads ). In technologically advanced western world still Jurassic mode of paper vote is being relied upon , which is environmentally harmful, leaves behind large carbon footprints, recounts are cumbersome, counting is manual.
Thus the Indian model is far superior, more environment friendly and also economical.

Why any country would award us contract to help conduct elections
-More accurate, transparent and faster election
-At lower cost
-Paperless Electronic elections – a green initiative
– Easy recounting
-Past Indian elections are testimony to our excellence

Advantages to India
-Revenue earned
-Earning for Election Commission personnel by way of foreign allowance
– International exposer to Election Commission personnel
– Upgraded  Indian profile abroad
-Our people may also learn in the process
-Recognition of our standing in the field of election process.

Udai Singh                            5th October, 2014

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Does Eastern Ukraine deserve to choose it’s fate ?

Does Eastern Ukraine deserve to choose it’s fate ?

Scotland can decides to separate from United Kingdom so are Catalans pushing for a referendum on breaking away, can Eastern Ukraine also have similar level of self determination?
Today double standards are staring us in face. Kiev is entitled to freedom of aligning with the EU and USA (Western block) but people of Eastern Ukraine are being forced to agree with choice made by Western Ukraine, though East Ukrainians never had any say in the matter. It is taken for granted that Eastern Ukraine has no freedom of economic tie up with Russia, in such matter decision can only be made by Poroshenko at Kiev.

Eastern Ukraine is a war zone. Western block is supplying arms to Kiev government . Cities of Luhansk and Donetsk are under siege of forces loyal to Kiev. Western block is also marshalling financial and public relation arsenal in favour of  Kiev. Should the Western powers also arm London and Madrid to defeat the separatists.

Why Western block wants to deny to Eastern Ukraine what it considers legitimate for Kiev, Scots and Catalonians.

Apparent justification  is that Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity is to be protected, where as  Eastern Ukraine is nothing but part and parcel of Ukraine and has to be subjugated.

This is a fundamentally flawed and rather dishonest logic as the Poroshenko government is essentially illegitimate one, borne of a coup d’etat.

Legitimately elected President Yanukovych was made to take refuse in Eastern Ukraine and then to Russia, to save his life from protesters supported by the Western block.  Justification for coup d’etat was killing of 88 protesters in Kiev, which contradicts with Western block’s position on unrest in Ezypt’s Tahrir square  where many more anti Sisi protesters have died.

Hence Western block’s whole hearted endorsement of Kiev Maidan  protests vis a vis lack of support to anti Sisi protesters exposes innate hypocrisy.

Coming to siege of Luhansk and Donetsk one asks why this region deserved to be bombed and reduce to rubble. Surely East Ukrainians are not likely to march on Kiev and take over Western Ukraine. In fact just the reverse is being espoused by the Western block.

Today devastation is wide spread in Eastern Ukraine, cities and communities of the east are being pummeled where as Kiev is sitting pretty, Poroshenko  can flatten Luhansk and Donetsk. He can not loose this game , even if Eastern Ukraine gains some level of freedom he is darling of the West for life.

It is accepted by everyone Including the Western block that East Ukrainians never voted for Poroshenko government, so why they be ruled by a man they have no faith in. Can West force Poroshenko on the East Ukrainians, that too in the name of freedom, justice and fair play.

Udai Singh

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Why internet train ticket sale will save money to Indian Railways

Why internet train ticket sale will save money to Indian Railways
For operating a ticketing counter Indian Railways ( IR ) incurs at least the following costs :-
1 Salary and allowances of the ticketing staff
2 Rent of the building / incase building belongs to IR, opportunity cost of the building
3 Air conditioning of the booking office
4 Computer stationery / running / maintenance costs
5 Cleaning / housekeeping / maintenance costs of Railway booking office
6 Costs & risks of transferring booking office cash to Banks / other railway locations
7 Cost of booking office record keeping & cash reconciliation
8 Depreciation of building, computers, furniture & fittings
9 Interest on  building, computers, Ac’s, furniture & fittings   ( in short all Railway booking office assts )  in case IR borrows on interest (Indian Railway Finance Corporation Ltd.- IRFC borrows on interest for IR )

For every ticket sold on the internet IR saves the above 9 costs.
However today ticket booking on internet costs more than buying it from IR counter.
A chair car ticket Nasik Road-NK to Mumbai-CSTM) on 12110 Panchwati Exp costs Rs 352 on counter.
The same ticket costs Rs 352+13+22 = Rs 387  if I buy it on internet.
This way IR charges extra on internet where it is saving 9 costs listed above.
It is clear from above that IR should charge less if passenger buys ticket on internet saving IR the above costs, or IR can share benefit of the saving with the passenger.
I am not suggesting laying off of existing staff , they can be utilized in other functions (Over 2.25 lakh posts lying vacant in railways- Times of India – 8th Sept 2014)

Udai Singh

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