Does Eastern Ukraine deserve to choose it’s fate ?

Does Eastern Ukraine deserve to choose it’s fate ?

Scotland can decides to separate from United Kingdom so are Catalans pushing for a referendum on breaking away, can Eastern Ukraine also have similar level of self determination?
Today double standards are staring us in face. Kiev is entitled to freedom of aligning with the EU and USA (Western block) but people of Eastern Ukraine are being forced to agree with choice made by Western Ukraine, though East Ukrainians never had any say in the matter. It is taken for granted that Eastern Ukraine has no freedom of economic tie up with Russia, in such matter decision can only be made by Poroshenko at Kiev.

Eastern Ukraine is a war zone. Western block is supplying arms to Kiev government . Cities of Luhansk and Donetsk are under siege of forces loyal to Kiev. Western block is also marshalling financial and public relation arsenal in favour of  Kiev. Should the Western powers also arm London and Madrid to defeat the separatists.

Why Western block wants to deny to Eastern Ukraine what it considers legitimate for Kiev, Scots and Catalonians.

Apparent justification  is that Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity is to be protected, where as  Eastern Ukraine is nothing but part and parcel of Ukraine and has to be subjugated.

This is a fundamentally flawed and rather dishonest logic as the Poroshenko government is essentially illegitimate one, borne of a coup d’etat.

Legitimately elected President Yanukovych was made to take refuse in Eastern Ukraine and then to Russia, to save his life from protesters supported by the Western block.  Justification for coup d’etat was killing of 88 protesters in Kiev, which contradicts with Western block’s position on unrest in Ezypt’s Tahrir square  where many more anti Sisi protesters have died.

Hence Western block’s whole hearted endorsement of Kiev Maidan  protests vis a vis lack of support to anti Sisi protesters exposes innate hypocrisy.

Coming to siege of Luhansk and Donetsk one asks why this region deserved to be bombed and reduce to rubble. Surely East Ukrainians are not likely to march on Kiev and take over Western Ukraine. In fact just the reverse is being espoused by the Western block.

Today devastation is wide spread in Eastern Ukraine, cities and communities of the east are being pummeled where as Kiev is sitting pretty, Poroshenko  can flatten Luhansk and Donetsk. He can not loose this game , even if Eastern Ukraine gains some level of freedom he is darling of the West for life.

It is accepted by everyone Including the Western block that East Ukrainians never voted for Poroshenko government, so why they be ruled by a man they have no faith in. Can West force Poroshenko on the East Ukrainians, that too in the name of freedom, justice and fair play.

Udai Singh

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