Export Indian Election Services

In today’s world in too many countries election results are disputed, recounts are held, confusion reigns, process of putting representative government in saddle is delayed, often for very long.

Confusion around Afgan election is fresh in our memory ,in Pakistan very legitimacy of the government in power is being questioned. Questions are being asked in relation to elections in Malawi, Indonesia, Zimbabwe, Nepal, El-Salvador, Cambodia, not to talk of Bush – Al Gore election dragged on to door steps of the Federal Supreme Court.

India has, over its long democratic life  and  after a very tumultuous journey ( thanks partly to Mr T N Seshan )  nearly perfected the art and science of holding largly fair and free elections.

What are the strengths of our election process.
-It covers the largest electorate in world.
– It is held in extremely varied geographical conditions:- Desert, snow, coast, hinterland, forest, plains, highlands, lowlands, , area with no power supply,  huge urban centers, sparsely populated places, flood, draught etc

-It also caters to extremely varied voter composition:-  Educated, illiterate, young, old, linguistic diversity, poor, rich, , area in unrest, civil disturbances,
– It is perhaps most economical election per vote casted
-It is virtually paper less vote casting
– Easy to count and recount multiple times

We have faced possibly all the difficulties that may arise in an election process

In view of the fact that we have achieved excellence in this field and that in many parts of the world election processes are in poorer shape than India, we must market our election prowess.

Even US election process is below  par with India, they still use paper ( and agonize over hanging chads ). In technologically advanced western world still Jurassic mode of paper vote is being relied upon , which is environmentally harmful, leaves behind large carbon footprints, recounts are cumbersome, counting is manual.
Thus the Indian model is far superior, more environment friendly and also economical.

Why any country would award us contract to help conduct elections
-More accurate, transparent and faster election
-At lower cost
-Paperless Electronic elections – a green initiative
– Easy recounting
-Past Indian elections are testimony to our excellence

Advantages to India
-Revenue earned
-Earning for Election Commission personnel by way of foreign allowance
– International exposer to Election Commission personnel
– Upgraded  Indian profile abroad
-Our people may also learn in the process
-Recognition of our standing in the field of election process.

Udai Singh                            5th October, 2014

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