Why Malda and Cologne responses expose liberals

Just list out what happened at Malda on 3rd January and Cologne on New Year Eve (NYE) and the response of the liberals and authorities in power, and a very uncomfortable truth emerges.

In Cologne young women and girls were surrounded by large groups of Arab and North African origin man, who tried to molest, rape and rob them. Over 500 such incidents took place.
In Malda a mob of lakhs of muslims took out a huge procession and some from  the mob burnt a police station, large number of vehicle, incriminating record,  damaging homes of Hindu minority, intimidating the whole surrounding area.

Now see the response of ruling authorities and the main stream media (MSM).

BBC reports – “When the Cologne police chief said that many of the young men who had been outside the train station that night had been of North African or Middle Eastern origin, politicians and officials were quick to say they were not drawn from the migrants who in recent months had sought asylum in Germany.

It took the better part of a week to acknowledge that asylum seekers were among the suspects ( in fact most of them ).

The police certainly knew the reality of who had been on the streets. On the night some young men had shown police their asylum documents.

An internal police report describes a man telling the police: “I am Syrian. You have to treat me kindly. Mrs Merkel invited me”.

In view of emerging evidences, the German justice minister ( had to say he ) believes it ( Cologne riot ) was organized

BBC further reports – “The German public-service broadcaster ZDF did not mention the incidents in Cologne in its broadcast until last Tuesday, four days after the attacks.

The broadcaster has now admitted it was a “clear misjudgement” and says that since then, it has been “over-whelmed with hate and anger”.

In parts of social media the idea of a “lying press” has taken root.” ( emphasis are mine )

Malda looks like carbon copy of Cologne both  for  the political response of the ruling party and the MSM.
In unison both responded  – Malda was small local affair, it was nor communal, it does not deserve national attention.
It is also as black as carbon because of the jaundiced justification      – let us hide / under play any abhorrent act of the so called minority ( which is by the may majority -52% – of Malda and 90% of Kaliachuk ).

Our national emblem  may be Satye Mave Jayate but MSM and TMC tried to gloss over the Satya that Malda is Opium Afganistan of Bengal.

“”It is true that the region is an epicenter of illegal drug trade and a counterfeit currency racket because of its strategic location along the international border,” West Bengal director general of police, Intelligence Branch, Raj Kanojia told Mail Today
So the bye product of Malda rampage is to destroy all the evidences and record of  illegal drug trade and a counterfeit currency racket at Kaliachuk Police Station.
How convenient to TMC nurturing it’s vote bank.

Why did the liberals and MSM responded the way they responded ? After all they are well accomplished, well informed and erudite people. The answer is simple. Liberals intrinsically came to conclusion that political correctness scores over truth. It is more important to side with suffering refuges and minorities then to protect helpless German women and Rule of Law in Bengal.

So to conclude one finds exactly similar responses by liberals on Cologne and Malda rampages – Nothing happened, something small happened , was a small local affair, it was nor communal, it does not deserve national attention, media need not report over 500 molestation in one evening in say 2 sq kilometers and  a rampaging communal crowed of lakhs of people indulging in burning, arson, intimidation and evidence destruction.

Udai Singh
Nasik, India
+91 9373906034

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